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Welcome to the page "Products". Discover a wide range of ingredients for dairy, bakery and confectionary industry. We offer new products, ingredients taking into account the wishes of customers and their preferences

Products own manufacture

Creamy and fruity toppings and fillers
• Cream - "Varenka", "Lux", Annabelle, iCream

Lcings and gels
• Blisso – lauric confectionery glazes for coating confectionery, ice cream, curd bars curd.
• Chief Dukat – gels for coating confectionery products
• Dessert sauces – toppings Ducatto

Creams on vegetable oils
• Vegetable cream Ducatto
• Anabelle cream for whipping

• Mix creams
• Cake mixes
• Liquid mixes for soft ice-cream

Dairy and oil-fat products
• Condensed milk, milk powder, cheese cream, butter, spread, cheese, sour cream

Products of other manufacturers

• Flavors, colors, bread improvers, mixes, ferments, yeast, margarines, fats, molasses, jam, cocoa, agar-agar, dried fruit.